Our mission is simple, just like our slogan: "Building Wealth" ...

There is no limit on the amount you may invest, but  a minimum of R50 000 (ZAR) is required. Each transaction is secured by assets. The assets can also be transferred to your name for the duration of your contract should you so choose, adding even more security and peace of mind. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to study the details of each transaction before making any commitment. This means full disclosure is provided and only thereafter are you required to make your investment.

Our unique product is divided into two main options:

Straight Line investment 

Straight Line Investment means a fixed amount is invested for a fixed period (3 years) and a guaranteed 
minimum of 20% per year return, paid out in monthly installments.

The following table will explain your monthly return and total profit on investment amount within 36 months, based on various amounts:





R50 000 

R2 222.22

R80 000

R30 000

R100 000

R4 444.44

R160 000

R60 000

R500 000

R22 222.22

R800 000

R300 000


Reinvesting has the Straight Line Investment model as basis. However, as soon as sufficient monthly installments have accumulated within the first few months of the 36 month term, another investment is made using the same funds. Utilizing this method your annual returns will grow in excess of 40% annually depending on how many times you reinvest in the term. The only difference is the term for completion will then stretch from 36 up to 72 months. This way, you can grow your returns exponentially! 

We have investors from around the globe and some of them are also available as references. 

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